VictorPrep site and podcast update

Hi there everyone!

Sam here, I just wanted to write a quick update as to what’s going on regarding the podcast and website.

Firstly: I am actively recording new episodes! Expect an update later today with at least one new episode (the 20 episodes test!) and another episode tomorrow.

Secondly: I am working hard to add more useful content to the website. I know that there isn’t much here currently, but I am writing a couple of articles concerning studying techniques for tests and tips and techniques for learning words. Note also, that these techniques can be applied to almost any form of learning.

Thirdly: I am turning all the current podcast episodes into video format to add to a YouTube channel, this should make it easier for people without a podcasting application to access the content and begin learning.

Fourthly: I am setting up a Facebook page and group. I want to have some sort of space where listeners of the podcast can interact, if they so wish.

As always, I want the podcast and website to be useful and help the listeners. I’m a fully amateur podcaster and so if you have any feedback or advice, please do let me know via the contact form on this website!




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