Episode 45: The most important words are the hardest to say.

The most maverick of Mavericks.

The words for today are: Metamorphosis, Elicit, Maverick, Cacophonous.

VictorPrep’s vocab podcast is for improving for English vocabulary skills while helping you prepare for your standardized tests!

This podcast isn’t only intended for those studying for the GREor SAT, but also for people who enjoy learning, and especiallythose who want to improve their English skills.

I run the podcast for fun and because I want to help people outthere studying for tests or simply learning English.

The podcast covers a variety of words and sometimes additionally covers word roots. Using a podcast to prep for the verbal test letsyou study while on the go, or even while working out!

If you have comments or questions and suggestions, please contact me at @SamFold or send me an email at sam@victorprep.com

Check out the podcast website at VictorPrep.com or the Facebookpage at Facebook.com/victorpreplearning

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