Example sentences for cupidity, opine, sagacious, and digression.

Here are some example sentences for words covered in the previous podcast. Here we cover words: Cupidity, Opine, Sagacious, and Digression! Don’t forget, to really learn new words you should go away and write some of your own example sentences. 🙂 Also, try and think of some sentences involving synonyms of these words, doing this will really ensure you remember the meanings!

Cupid, cupidity, it all makes sense right?


I noticed my new friend’s cupidity after realizing that all he talked about was how much money he wanted to earn and what car he was going to buy next.

Cupidity is an unfortunate trait for a person because it usually means that they will never be satisfied in life, despite all the posessions they may acquire.


I opined to my teacher that the topic we were studying was far too easy.

The DJ opined to his listeners that The Smiths were the best band of the 20th century, despite his co-workers vehemently disagreeing with him.

My friend Stefan once opined to me that he thought eagles were way cooler than owls; I very quickly made his see the error of his ways.


Socrates was apparently one of the most sagacious men of ancient times, many other wise philosophers were inspired by his teachings.

I read somewhere that being sagacious requires one to wait and think, before saying something one might regret.

When I left college at the age of 21 I remember thinking I was so sagacious, however, I was still young and foolish and didn’t realize it yet.”


After a brief digression to talk about my cats, I returned to the main topic: the fall of Rome.

We were in the middle of a serious debate about capitalism when we digressed and discussed the latest soccer match instead.

My co-workers easily get distracted when discussing serious topics and often digress to discuss trivialities or banal subjects like the current weather.


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