About the Podcast

The VictorPrep Vocab Podcast for GRE and SAT is a podcast for students and learners of all ages to improve their vocabulary to prepare for standardized tests, or simply because they love learning and want to become better at English!

The podcast not only covers all the words and complex vocabulary that could be covered in the GRE/SAT tests, but also tricks and techniques for learning and memorizing vocabulary. Additionally, word roots are also covered; these are especially important as understanding the meaning of a particularly word root, can provide the necessary clue for understanding the meaning of a word that you have hitherto never encountered.


Studying for the GRE Verbal Test

The GRE Verbal test contains question types that test the taker’s ability to understand the intended meaning of a sentence. This understanding is going to be based upon numerous factors, including the overall context of the sentence, but also the meaning of the individual words of the sentence.

If the test taker doesn’t understand what one or more of the words in a sentence mean, it makes the overall task of understanding the general meaning of the text much more difficult. This is the case for all three of the different question types that are present in the GRE reasoning verbal test.

Why the VictorPrep Vocab Podcast helps with Verbal Reasoning tests

Improving your vocabulary is one of the most effective ways to improve your test scores. If you cannot understand the meaning of a word, it is a huge barrier to understanding  a sentence.

The VictorPrep podcast focuses on vocabulary which has appeared previously on standardized tests. Additionally, the podcast uses repitition and carefully chosen examples, to aid the learning process.

Where possible, the podcast covers useful word roots and also breaks down words into components and covers the etymology of these components to teach the listener a new and exciting way to think about language.